Finally, an electronic fuel ticket for your FBO! Roobix is an easy and cost-effective way for fuel technicians to create electronic fueling tickets. Ticket data is shared with the rest of the FBO team, from the GM to front office staff, in real time to streamline communication and improve fueling efficiency.

Why Roobix?

  • Digital Tracking Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce / Eliminate Ticket Errors
  • Accurate Source Data for Inventory Records
  • Save Your Team Time and Your FBO Money
  • No Costly Equipment Needed
  • “We have removed the need for meter integration and created a platform that is easy to use and reduces the errors a FBO sees on a daily bases. Our product is simple to use and with the flow through of data we have dramatically decreased the number of inputs on a ticket.” - Sean McKeon, Chief Technology Officer

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Fuel Tickets

Electronic fuel tickets that are instantly available in the home office. Smart form entry makes tickets a breeze and helps prevent errors.

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Management Dashboard

View realtime fuel tickets and truck fuel levels from the office. Export to excel or integrate with your favorite FBO software.

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Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can also view the app from any web browser by navigating to tickets.roobixapp.com.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at support@roobixapp.com.

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