Fuel Tickets

Easily capture fuel tickets with our iOS or Android app.  The smart form entry will recognize tail numbers to pre-populate many values for you.  Export tickets to excel (available now) or TotalFBO (coming soon).

Sync with Total FBO

This small desktop app runs along-side your Total FBO application.  Roobix tickets will be imported as invoices in Total FBO.

Download Roobix Desktop Sync here:

Roobix Desktop Sync 1.0.4 - Updated May 20, 2018 (~40MB)

Setup Roobix Desktop Sync

  1. Download Roobix Desktop Sync to a Windows machine (Total FBO only runs on Windows).
  2. Open Roobix Desktop Sync and run through the wizard.  You'll be prompted to map your Roobix trucks / tanks / meters to Total FBO trucks / tanks / meters.
  3. On the last screen of the wizard choose either a one time export or setup a listener for automated export.
  4. Within the Total FBO application...
    1. Navigate to Accounting -> Invoicing -> Other Invoice Operations -> Import Invoices
    2. Select "TotalFBO" as the format. 
    3. Check "Hold all transactions in Pending State?"
    4. Choose a directory to monitor (this should be the same directory Roobix Desktop Sync is exporting to).
    5. Click "Start Import Agent"

Total FBO Invoice Import screen